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The History of Apple Pie
Out of View
Marshall Teller Records

The English band of fuzz-popsters, know awkwardly as The History of Apple Pie, share a love of ’90s power pop singles with compatriots Yuck. Members from both bands even have a side-project, Parakeet. The History of Apple Pie also have influential admirers, like guitarist, Joshua Third, of the Horrors, who not only owns the engineering credit on their debut, Out of View, but also makes an appearance on the album’s closing cut.

They have romantic rock stories juxtaposed against squawking, ratcheted guitars. They have singles in “Glitch” and “See You,” which are catchy enough to earn them some extra scratch from placement in ads and movies. They don’t, however, stray very far from verse, chorus, verse patterns and don’t posess much in terms of originality, either.

Once the sound dies down on, “See You,”

and the last note fades from, “Glitch,”

You’re left with this:

“Crash,” a song The Primitives released in 1988, later given a new life by the Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels buddy comedy, Dumb and Dumber in 1994. It was a fun song from a fun movie, and you can find either the CD or the LP for cheap at your local, second-hand music store. Without further development, a similar fate for The History of Apple Pie seems all but inevitable. Best enjoy the ride while it lasts.