As the title would imply, the bright and free melody of Kurt Vile’s “Waking on a Sunny Day,” evokes images of a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood on a perfect day.

The lyrics, however, offer a contrasting picture to those pleasantly textured and intently picked guitar tones. They’re an immediate buzz kill, with Vile recounting the sound of a phone call from a friend in desperate times, and his own inability to take much action because his own life has left him fried.

This dichotomy of pleasant sounds and not so pleasant times is a method Vile has used throughout his recording career.  “Ghost Town,” “Runner Ups,” and “Society is My Friend,” are just three examples from his well-received, 2011 release, Smoke Ring From My Halo, where the words and music found themselves on opposing sides.

This time around, there is hope and it comes in the form of a jam offer. This isn’t one of those extended, uppercase JAMS of his Philly rock brethren, Birds of Maya, but more of an unwinding, three leisurely spent minutes of Vile freeing himself through improvisation. He’s always been pretty good at that trick, too.

MP3: Kurt Vile – Wakin’ on a Pretty Day

Kurt Vile’s Wakin’ on a Pretty Daze will be released April 9th on Matador Records. Digital, CD, 2XLP, and deluxe 2XLP preorder options are available through the Matador Records online store. Also, the folks at Matador are quick to point out, the video embedded above is not the official video for “Wakin’ on a Pretty Day.” This video is really just something to watch when you listen. The real video, directed by Jonathan Demme, will be released in the coming weeks. Got it?