Substitute the word “God” with “Rock ‘N’ Roll” and you’ll understand where Milk Music are coming from on their new track, “Cruising with God.” This Olympia four-piece is the type of band, who no matter whom they’re saluting, be it Guns ‘N’ Roses, as on their punny album title, Cruise Your Illusion (out 4/2 on Fat Possum) or the big man upstairs, himself, end up sounding like a biker rock band jamming with Mark Arm and Mudhoney. They are the kids stuck in suburbia in 1976, dreaming of Steppenwolf and a babe on the back of a Harley. They are also the kids who saw Cobain and said we are going to be a band and we’re going to do things our way. These two strains of Rock ‘N’ Roll, classic and DIY, don’t have to be at odds with each other. As Milk Music shows, they can rip together, too.