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Psychic Ills
One Track Mind
Sacred Bones

Yes, Psychic Ills have a one track mind. It says so on the album cover, right above those smiling skulls.

Now, would you care to guess which track Psychic Ills have on their mind. I’ll give you one clue: Needles.

Was your guess heroin? Congratulations, you now know everything you need to know about One Track Mind.

If you enjoy the experience of sinking into your carpet as a band woozes their way about their instruments and sing in a half-cognizant state, then Psychic Ills have an album for you. It’s run time is only around 40 minutes, so you may want to queue up some ’90s Primal Scream or some Brian Jonestown Massacre before you take the plunge. It’s just a suggestion, you know. For once Psychic Ills get that one track on their mind, they are powerless to let go, and the second track, third track, and fourth track all indiscriminately blur together. You may want to perk up from time to time with a song whose tempo has, you know, a tempo, and Psychic Ills are content to let you sink. Again, this is all just a suggestion. Drugs are bad.