Look, I don’t want to play this track any more than you do, not after the badness of The Weirdness, The Stooges last attempt at a 21st Century record. However, it is Iggy Pop and The Stooges, and being rockers, we should give Iggy some leeway, right?

Plus, he did sound pretty nasty when he teamed up with the young, LA band, Zig Zags, on this Betty Davis cover for Light in the Attic Records’ 10th Anniversary late in 2012.

That was only a year ago. Pop’s still got it, except when he doesn’t.

Here are some of the choice rhymes from “Burn,” the first track from what Iggy and The Stooges are billing as the follow up to 1973’s Raw Power (the band is wishing The Weirdnesss never existed, too):

“Burn, burn/Am I concerned/Should I be so/Well, I don’t know”

“And there’s insight/In the fire light”

“As the wind blows/Through your window”

Should you manage to ignore Pop’s hammy lyrics, “Burn,” is only half bad, only half wasting the fine work of James Williamson on guitar, Scott Asheton on drums, and Mike Watt on bass.

There’s hope for this record, yet. A slim hope, like down two goals in stoppage time with your top two strikers on the bench and Peter Cech in the opponent’s net, slim. But, it’s still hope.