Sure, John Dwyer and his San Francisco psych outfit, Thee Oh Sees, give the likes of Ty Segall and Robert Pollard solid competition in the ongoing battle of the most prolific bands contest. They’ve released a lifetime of music in the past five years, alone. But what’s often lost when we talk about Segall, Pollard, and, especially Dwyer is that these songwriters, to a man, have the jams to justify their output. And damn, what a heavy groove we have here with “Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster,” the latest by Thee Oh Sees. The blown-out and busted amp effect makes this four-piece sound huge, like genetic freak of a gorilla, huge. But, in a strange (and fortunate) mix up, those blown-out, busted-up, gorilla guitars all but fade away during Dwyer’s verses. They’re practically twee. In the process, the classic soft-loud-soft dynamic of the grunge era gets twisted and tortured back to relevance. Cobain, himself, could never reconcile weirdo, rowdy and sensitive in one track quite like Dwyer did here.  Thee Oh Sees’ Floating Coffins will be released April 16th on Castle Face Records.