Post-punk is not dead, it’s just been resting for the past 10 years, waiting for Interpol to put out a decent follow-up, leaving those who like their punk rock dark and danceable (when surrounded by other people wearing black), in an unenviable position. They could continue listening to the same records by The Cure and Joy Division. Wait for Interpol. Or, and here’s where things get novel, get hip to this new British four-piece, Savages.

This is an act who have a lot going for them — Attitude, atmosphere, chops, and jams. Just take a peak at their new single, “Shut Up,” and you’ll see and hear what I mean. Plus, they neither have silly mustaches like Interpol nor do they make you cringe with their lyrics when you pay too close attention, as Interpol often did. Hell, I was disappointed when I read the spoken introduction heard at the beginning of this video isn’t part of the album track. Take that, Paul Banks and your awkwardly and obtuse (and down right silly) romanticism.

So, find your fishnets in the back closet and rip them ’til they fit, prime that black nail polish, and start practicing your empty glare: Post-punk is back.

Savages’ Matador Records debut will be out on May 7th.