BAMBARA’s approach to punk rock is like an everything bagel — Keep throwing more and more stuff into the recipe and see what sticks once its cooked. The noise on a track like “Nail Polish” is relentless. There’s the unhinged guitar screech and industrial clatter of A Place to Bury Strangers and the mad professor array of electronics used by the likes of Parts and Labor. The drums are big and booming and played at a breakneck pace. There’s so much going on that “Nail Polish” becomes unsettling at times. Matters aren’t helped any by each and every track being pushed to its red limit. Yet, when and if, you’re able to break the song down a bit, you find an old-fashioned stomp of a punk jam. And that’s the thing with the everything bagel. Never is it the last picked of the bunch. That distinction goes to whole wheat, raisin, or plain. Those who dare will get noticed, and eaten (if we’re going to push the metaphor into that awkward stage). With this kind of righteous racket, people will notice BAMBARA. BAMBARA’s new LP, Dreamviolence, is available now on digital formats via Arrowhawk Records. The vinyl release will follow this June.