In what is turning out to be a daily occurrence, Queens of the Stone Age have 0ffered up a new preview off of their forthcoming album …Like Clockwork (Matador 6/4). Earlier today, live clips Later with Jules Holland were hopping around the internet. Yesterday, a video was released for an edit of the album track, “Kalopsia.” Monday, a live clip from Belgian radio was making the rounds. That was the second time tracks from that appearance found their way onto the internet, by the way.

Not that I’m complaining about the glut of QOTSA news. No, not at all. On the contrary, today’s release, an edit of …Like Clockwork’s lead track, “Keep Your Eyes Peeled,” may be the best of the bunch (I forgot to mention these two additional previews: 1 and 2). The lead riff, a deep, bluesy and menacing thing, shows Homme at the top of his game, as does the highly charged screech which pierces ears during the chorus of this murky, mid-tempo number. But, do you know what would have been nice? Those last two minutes. The edit cuts just as things appear to be getting even more wicked.