Diarrhea Planet is a horrible name. Horrible. Try to look up one of their videos on YouTube and YouTube’s secret algorithm may suggest you want to watch a video of a kid with explosive diarrhea at a swimming pool. It happened to me and I did not click.

Understandably, I avoided Diarrhea Planet for a very long time. I put them in the same category of bands as Wampire, Tunabunny, and all of those all caps missing vowels bands. Life’s too short, you know, and I’m not going to waste it on Diarrhea Fucking Planet.

Then, a strange thing happened. This video of Diarrhea Planet with Patrick Stickles of Titus Andronicus made the rounds, and I ignored YouTube’s suggested videos of man running marathon with explosive diarrhea and instead clicked on the Diarrhea Planet video.

Turns out Diarrhea Planet rips. And it wasn’t just a one off rip. There’s also these extraordinary live videos of their number one hit, “Ghost With a Boner.”

Wretched name, aside, how could one not like these kids? They’ve got FOUR GUITARS! and they sincerely embrace the sheer, stupid awesomeness of those FOUR GUITARS! and their name, Diarrhea Planet, with throaty pop-punk, sing-a-longs about things as nonsensical as their name. If you’re the type who believes in Rock ‘N’ Roll and getting loud, dumb, and drunk and forgetting everything about your shit day or shit life, then Diarrhea Planet is it. Personally, I don’t believe that shit about Rock ‘N’ Roll being loud and dumb and I still think these kids have it.

Now, will you click on this link? Diarrhea Planet have a new album out on Jeff the Brotherhood’s Infinity Cat Records this summer and Pitchfork has the exclusive of the first track. Update 5.21: Stream Diarrhea Planet’s new single, “Separation,” below.