No Age band photo

A banger, a burner, a stormer, a stomper, a top jam — Call it whatever you want, but the back to square one approach the LA duo, No Age, has taken for their forthcoming album, An Object (8.20 on Sub Pop) has resulted in a vital, top jam ca;;ed “C’mon Stimmung.”

It was in an interview with Spin where Dead Sprunt explained how they worked to unlearn their past six years of experience and get back to that Weirdo Rippers vibe where they were just learning how to be No Age and the songs were movements and pieces, not necessarily songs.

One can certainly hear what they were getting at in that interview on “C’mon Stimmung.” The track begins with shifting, electronic movements of unknown provenance, and quickly pivots into a punk stomper. However, unlike those early recordings which made up Weirdo Rippers, the obscure sounds are not contained to intros, outtros and segues. It’s a permanent, persistent, and very much welcome, weirdness, one which announces in no uncertain terms, No Age is gonna rip again.