We all get too much email and too many social updates. To combat this problem both email clients and social networks are hard at work to find ways to bring you only the good stuff.

Gmail’s new inbox offers to split your incoming messages into primary, social, promotions, updates and forums categories. The thinking being, only the good stuff will end up in primary and you can read the other messages when you’ve reached the end of the internet. utilizes quick views and easy-to-navigate rules to accomplish the same task of hiding all the chatter. And, don’t get me started on Facebook. At least once I week I have to click the sort by most recent link to stop Facebook from guessing what I’d find important.

For as much nonsense gets sent my way on a daily basis (trust me, you don’t want my website inbox), every once in a while one of those promotions/social/updates/forums messages contains gold, Hozac gold, that is.

Hozac releases are initially announced, and offered for sale to its email list subscribers, and each time, without fail, there’s an unknown band more than worthy of wider notice. Last release schedule, it was the surprising debut by Georgiana Starlington, an honest, heart-felt folk record by a brother/sister duo schooled in scummy garage rock. This time around, I’m putting my money behind Verma.

Everything I know about Verma comes from the release page: Chicago, heavy, psych, krautrack, band who have “burst upon the city like a tornado inside of an Aurora Borealis, lighting up the sky with kaleidoscopic, soaring vocal explosions, and an implacable undulating rhythm that sets off reverberations that can be felt by ‘the heads’ several states away in every direction.”

Ok, that last bit is a bit much, and if I ever write a sentence like that you have my permission to tape a “Kick Me” sign to my back the next time you see me at the Beachland. It’s in writing. The larger point, however, remains: Get to know Verma, click on that play button, and have yourself a wild, four-minute trip with “Chrome.” And, if you hear what I hear, your next stop is an obvious one: Get yourself over to the Hozac Records webstore ’cause Hozac gold records go fast.