“It’s Alright” may not be the most impressive song in the discography of Brooklyn via San Francisco, post-punk band, Weekend, but it is another perfect example of what this trio does best: Tone and texture. A light fog hovers over the three-and-half minutes of “It’s Alright,” never quite receding, lending a late night/early morning vibe to the proceedings. The bass, meanwhile, is vintage doom and gloom, the likes of which consumed The Cure’s classic album Disintegration. Yet, this track is not all about doom and gloom. The keys are overloaded and glistening with reverb and delay. When combined with a simple song structure of minimal vocals and minimum twists, these elements transform “It’s Alright,” into an extended loop, one that feels longer than its run time, but never overstaying its welcome. Weekend’s newest album, titled Jinx, will be out July 23rd on Slumberland Records. The band will be in Cleveland for a date at the Beachland Tavern on 9.22. More dates can be found at the band’s website.