Why have one guitarist and multi-track all your takes when your band could have four guitarists? It’s a valid question to ask, when debating throwback rockers like Diarrhea Planet. I mean, with one guitarist you get more space in the van and better meals to eat on the road since you don’t have to split the merch take between four guitarists. Some days you may be even to afford more than Tastycakes for breakfast, Combos for lunch, and Taco Bell for dinner. Plus, one guitarist instead of four means three fewer asses and three fewer pairs of feet to stink up the van. But, with four guitarists, you do get four fucking guitarists. It’s hard to argue with that kind of logic especially when Diarhhea Planet make it all sound so grand. So, rock on with your four guitarists, you crazy kids and don’t forget to stock up on Febreeze and tube socks before you leave town. You’ll need ’em. Diarrhea Planet’s latest, the optimistically titled, I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams will be out 8/20 on Infinity Cat.

Photo via Diarrhea Planet on Facebook