Surprise! While we’re all waiting to hear more than 15 seconds from the new Ty Segall album, Sleeper, due out on Drag City later this summer (8.20), a track from the other Ty Segall album coming out in 2013 (10.1 on In the Red), an album by his heavy-psych trio, Fuzz, has emerged.

If you’ve heard either of the previous two Fuzz singles, then you already have a good idea of what will happen once you click on “Loose Sutres” below.

Living up to their name, there will be fuzz guitar, really heavy fuzz guitar, lots of really, heavy fuzz guitar, as if the year is 1970 and longhairs are still figuring out how loud they can make this thing called metal. Fuzz push it pretty far, and unlike those earlier Fuzz singles which were limited by the size of the 7″, “Loose Sutres,” has room to do that other thing early metal bands were known to do, namely jam — There’s a guitar solo, a false ending, a drum solo, a bass solo, and another drum solo and another bass solo, and finally, some more of that Fuzz guitar.