At times, Destruction Unit can be the baddest noise-punk band alive. That picture of them chillin’ in the desert? That’s not one of those times. The recent 7″ single for Suicide Squeeze would be.

As would the first single from Void, their first release of 2013.

Now, let’s go ahead and add “The World on Drugs,” to our running list of songs where Destruction Unit are the baddest noise-punk band alive.

The trouble for this newly reformed, Arizona outfit during their recent flurry of activity has been reconciling their psychedelic rock side with their other half which always wants to thrash. When the psych side wins, they become indistinguishable from all the other tune in and drop out bands. They need to thrash. And while “The World on Drugs,” a five-minute, mind-fuck of a wail, may not meet the textbook definition of focused, see the screech which hits right as the track begins, and the screech which never leaves, Destruction Unit get some leeway from Oxford English whenever they sound this focused and this fierce. Destruction Unit’s Deep Trip will be out August 20th on Sacred Bones Records.