Angel Olsen

Have I mentioned the heat? Daughn Gibson said it was “Hotter than a two-peckered billy goat,” during his set earlier in the day at Union Park. By the time Angel Olsen took the Blue Stage at 5:15, the heat had yet to abate. If anything, the threat of evening thunderstorms only upped the oppressive humidity.

Ahh, but here we were at the shaded stage. And there was Olsen, with a timeless voice fluttering on an early evening breeze. She was calm and composed. She could hit three notes at once. And, who cares if every song sounded like Linda Rondstadt singing “Blue Bayou.” It was the right sound at the right place and the right time. Ronstadt, herself, couldn’t have sung any of those songs any better.


All photos by Jeff Sierputowski