Mac DeMarco is a Grade A goofball. Look at his sheepish grin, loose-fitting Mets t-shirt, and jeans with holes in their knees. He’s practically a double for Brat Pack actor Anthony Michael Hall. Who knows? Maybe this rock and roll gig of his is one long play to get the girl of his dreams to realize he’s not the dork he appears to be.

I write all of this in the most complimentary way a critic can call an artist a goofball while not insulting the artist. DeMarco was having fun up there. His songs were light and upbeat. There were undertones of jam bands, funk, and surf guitar, but not surf guitar for ripping big tubes, rather surf guitar for the evening bonfire on the beach. How could one not smile when his band goofed on the classic rock hits “Taking Care of Business” by BTO and “Enter Sandman” by Metallica?


All photos by Jeff Sierputowski