Toronto noise-punks Metz are a band of throwbacks. Both Alex Edkins (guitar and vocals) and Chris Slorach (bass) sport short, cropped hair. They both maintain a reasonable weight and look healthy and fit. Edkins even sports black-rimmed glasses. The two of them look like they took the Blue Stage on Saturday from a different decade.

They’re a throwback in more ways, too. Edkins and Slorach put every ounce of themselves into their music. They thrash around on stage. Their veins pop. The two head banged so hard it was as if their necks could snap. Then, there’s the noise. Edkins plays with so much feedback, it’s as if he could be fried by a loose connection at any moment. There was a constant buzz and hum even when they took short breaks between numbers. Oh, and then there’s drummer, Hayden Menzies. The dude was all arms and long hair as he pounded the shit of that kit.

Metz are a throwback to a time when rock bands weren’t afraid to exaggerate themselves for the sake of the show. Rocking out is hard work, you know. Pummeling punk rock numbers like “Headache” and “Rats” proved they may be onto something here.





All photos by Jeff Sierputowski