Destruction Unit mean it this time. After an uneven debut EP, these Arizona shredders are living up to their name. “Bumpy Road,” is but one sample of the type of mad brutal, psychedelic garage rock to be found on their forthcoming Sacred Bones release. Trust me, the rest of Deep Trip (8.20 on Sacred Bones) is just as heavy.

Do you like feedback? Do you really like feedback? Excuse me while I ask the same question a third time because those first two questions are very important when dealing with the Chicago band Running. Do you like feedback so much that hearing vocals annoys you because you can’t hear the feedback? If you answered yes to all three questions, then Running is the band for you. Running’s Vaguely Ethnic is out now on Castle Face Records.

Slowdive’s Neil Halstead is back to making sweet, sweet, guitar racket, and if that name means anything to you; if you have any affinity of ’90s UK shoegaze, then you’ll want to press play on this Black Hearted Brother track.. It’ll be bliss for you. Black Hearted Brother’s debut release will be out 10.22 on Slumberland Records.

Zola Jesus has always been one of those artists who’s capable of the fantastic, but whose albums always leave me with the feeling of, “Is this it?” She’s capable of more than being another sweet voice. She can be more than a modern day goth. Her new collaboration with JG Thrilwell, where some of her older material is rearranged for a chamber musicians, just may be thing to take her over the top. Sample, “Avalanche (Slow),” below and be prepared to floored. Zola Jesus’ Versions will be released 8.20 on Sacred Bones.

Sorry Neko, I’m a little too busy to type out the name of your new album. I just got back from vacation to a big pile of work and having time to listen to music, let alone type an unwieldy album title has been at a premium. Ahh, but that voice, and the piano, and that longing, heavy-hearted tone of yours, all apparent on your latest track, “Night Still Comes,” oh, I’ll always have time for more of that. Neko Case’s latest will be out 9.3 on Anti-Records.

Cleveland ex-pat Gabe Fulvimar is on a roll with has band Gap Dream, a nice, steadily-paced, starry-eyed stroll of a roll. His brand of slacker synth-pop is just so damn likable, including this new track, “Fantastic Sam,” from his upcoming release on Burger Records (11/12), that it’s frightening, in a good way of course.