So that thing where Justin K Broadrick of Jesu was going to compartmentalize his creative output lasted, oh, let’s say two years. At one point Broadrick had planned to keep Jesu as the home for his guitar-driven work while Pale Sketcher would house his compositions which were more electronic in nature. Now, according to The Quietus, the new Jesu album, I Get Closer to the Light From Which I Came (9.23 Avalanche) will include aspects of dub, post-punk, and electronic music.

Granted, “Homesick,” the first cut released from Broadrick’s latest may not be the best example of the expanded reach of Jesu — It treads the well-established path of shoegazer metal that Jesu helped define. And for the record, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, either.

Death Grips are dicks. They’re geniuses, too, but dicks, nonetheless.

While I can appreciate the punkness of the noise-rap duo playing a “show” without ever planning to be present for the “show,” I would have been amused for five minutes then pissed if I had bought a ticket to their no-show show.

There is no such dickishness in their latest track, the innocently titled, “Birds.” It’s an uncompromising and unsettling mix of street smarts and street drugs, hip-hop and experimental psychedelic rock.

The long-threatened bubble gum pop album by The Dirtbombs is now less than a month away from being a reality. The sweetly named, Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-blooey!, is for real, gonna be out 9.17 on In The Red Records, and wouldn’t you know it? From the sound of “Crazy for You,” the first track from the album, it’s gonna be sweet, too. It may not have the crunch of Dirtbombs doing soul, garage rock, or even techno, but Mick Collins is one singer with soul and that voice of his can carry any tune he chooses.