While Mikal Cronin and Mirrors were slotted as the co-headliners for WRUW’s Studio-A-Rama this past Saturday, the one artist who stole the show for me, and the one artist I’m still thinking about on Monday night, was the West Side, punk rock wrecking crew called Obnox.

For most of the night, it was just Bim Thomas (This Moment in Black History) ripping tortured, scorching guitar riffs and another cat on the drums. At times, the rawness reminded me of early White Stripes for it’s no bullshit and just rock attitude.  And speaking of attitude, as Obnox turned from classic blues to hardcore punk, he even inspired a mosh team, right there on the Mather Memorial Courtyard. It wasn’t the biggest mosh team, by any stretch, but dudes could feel it and that’s what dudes do when hardcore gets in your veins.

Today’s featured track, a boots-on-fire stomper, titled “Ghost,” is off of Obnox’s latest album, Corrupt Free Enterprise on Gerard Cosloy’s 12XU records and while it may not inspire a mosh pit in your living room or office cubicle, it will inspire you with hometown pride. This is one rocker who’s got it going on.

Right now, I’m feeling pretty dumb for letting that promo of Corrupt Free Enterprise sit on my hard drive with little attention for two months. On that record, Bim does blues, gospel, soul, punk, and hip-hop and it all comes out as gnarly as “Ghost,” and that’s gnarly as in loud, noisy, and rad. Don’t be dumb like me and buy the record already.