Way to keep it weird, San Francisco. Featuring members of bands like The Hospitals and Long-Legged Women, CCR Headcleaner deliver the loud and nasty on this fuzzed out jam monster, “Steal the Light.” Like their peers in the San Fran weirdo scene, Ty Segall and Fuzz, they manage to combine elements of punk, metal, and noisy psychedelic rock and make it as exhilarating as the first time you had a garage band give you permanent hearing damage with too small a venue and too big amps.

Speaking of fuzzed out and Fuzz, CCR Headcleaner will be touring with Fuzz this fall. Unfortunately for us Cleveland Rockers, the closest they’ll come to our fair city is Detroit on 10.17 and Chicago on 10.18. That Chicago show also features Purling Hiss and The Men. That sounds like a killer road trip to me.