Jam Packed Thursday Featuring Superchunk, Obliterations, Disappears, and Mogwai

Today is Halloween and do you know what that means? Indie rock Misfits covers. Whether it's Ted Leo, Evan Dando, or Superchunk, I never tire of ...
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In Praise of Lou Reed’s Artistry (And His Dickishness)

The brilliance of Lou Reed was one was never quite sure whether he was being sincere or being a troll. He was both an urban poet without peer, ...
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The Rockometer: The Rolling Stone Three-And-A-Half Star Takeover Edition

Oh, three-and-a-half star review, how you've been done wrong. By trotting you out whenever the editors didn't want to offend, Rolling Stone ruined ...
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Play Me: “Back to Land” by Wooden Shjips

The shaggy dudes of Wooden Shjips have cleaned up nicely. Where once their records came with an endless supply of haze, there's now clarity to ...
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Play Me: “Falling Down the Stairs” by Blank Realm

By being true to their idols, but not imitating them, Blank Realm's 2012 Release, Get Easy, was a handbook on how to make a modern punk record. ...
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Play Me: “University Fiend” and “Better Next Time” by Bitch Perfect

Compared to their American contemporaries, the songwriters coming out of the Australian underground scene are all Nick Caves and Ernest ...
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A Jam Packed Wednesday with Jeffrey Novak, Mordecai, The Gories, and Purling Hiss

Cheap Time's Jeffrey Novak is a pop songwriter with the snarl of a grizzled punk and weirdo's collection of curiosities. On "Pictures on a ...
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Nirvana, The Replacements, and N.W.A Lead the List of 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has revealed its list of nominees for the class of 2014 and there's an artist for everyone in this year's group. You ...
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