Play Me: “The Instinct” by Mark McGuire

They say timing is everything in the music business. Well, timing is everything in a lot of other businesses, too, but in the music business, ...
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Play Me: “Stacking Spheres” and “Profile of Woman in Silk Hood” by Trouble Books

The Akron ambient/electronic music duo Trouble Books are two of the most unassuming musicians in Northeast, Ohio. Personally, I've seen the ...
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Ranked: Live Videos of Diarrhea Planet’s “Ghost With a Boner” from Excellent to Rad to Bitchin’

What makes Diarrhea Planet's "Ghost With a Boner" the ultimate Rock 'N' Roll part song? Um, have you tried to sing the words "Ghost with a ...
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A Jam Packed Thursday with Joanna Gruesome (covering Galaxie 500), Snowbird (a Cocteau Twin), White Lung And Eagulls

There's just one problem with Joanna Guresome's cover of Galxie 500's "Tugboat" for a digital only B-side to their "Sugarcrush" single (11/19). ...
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Play Me: “Love Is Not Allowed” by Gap Dream

One sheets are for writers who have nothing to say. That's what I've always said. Yet, something struck me about Gabe Fulvimar's personal ...
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Play Me: “Molecule” by Obnox

Did you come here looking for the Obnox Appreciation Association? If so, you're in the right place. No one, and I mean no one, is doing more ...
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Play Me: “Not Over” and “Hunger Split” by Pleasure Leftists

Depending on who you ask Cleveland is either a shit-hole, a place young people need to escape and suburbanites need to avoid after dark, or an ...
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The Rockometer: Reflektor by Arcade Fire

        Arcade Fire Reflektor Merge Records If you were to ask for my opinion on Arcade Fire as recently ...
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