The Rockometer Says... "This is a Record"






Surfing Strange
Salinas Records

Why turn to a new band like Swearin’ for ’90s alt-pop nostalgia when there’s plenty of the real thing out touring today?

The answer to that one is simple. “Dust in the Gold Sack” is every bit the buzz cut as Belly’s “Feed the Tree,”

The Primitives’ “Crash,”

or anything by The Breeders not named “Cannonball.”

Swearin’ have the advantage of being a fresh band in 2013. You don’t have to deal with that icky feeling of nostalgia taking over your life.

Plus, there are ten more tracks of this stuff on Swearin’s second album, Surfing Strange. And while no single track hits as hard as “Dust in the Gold Sack,” women who rock like Allison Crutchfield are always welcome around these parts. There just aren’t enough of ’em these days.