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The Limiñanas
Costa Blanca
Trouble in Mind

Sexy, cool, and kitschy are the first three words to come to mind when describing Costa Blanca, The Limiñanas’ latest release of garage, lounge pop, and psychedelic rock for Chicago’s Trouble in Mind Records. Sexy and cool are a given. From their understated arrangements to their sly vocals sung in both French and English, The French duo reek of refinement. Although the credits list guitar, sitar, banjo, bouzouki and something called an oud, most tracks live and die by the vibrant, buoyant grooves laid down by principles Marie and Lionel Limiñana.

Kitschy is a little more difficult to identify. They could be a cheeky couple, too. The difference is in one’s interpretation, I suppose, and with such a high level of emotional detachment from the band, and without being able to see any actual winks, it’s not clear if the lyrics of “Votre coté yéyé m’emmerde” are anything more than people, places, and acts that sound more exotic when said with a french accent. I’m hooked. Then again, my French is limited to merci, moustache, Zidane and Henry and just hearing a French woman say “Woody Allen” made my knees buckle.

Ultimately, the issue of whether The Limiñanas are being campy on purpose, or are being campy because go-go and ’60s lounge music elicit images of Austin Powers to ugly Americans, like myself, becomes irrelevant. Instead, it becomes part of the mystique.

They have this way of making stoner grooves appropriate for cocktail parties

and spy grooves apt for head music fans.

Hell, they even make their take on early Velvet Underground sound fresh.

The Limiñanas may be campy at times, and they may nor may not be in on the joke, but one thing is sure: This duo knows there way around ’60s art– From high brow to low brow, from art museums to back alleys, and from New York to Paris. For a talent like this, cool may be end up being the only adjective you’ll ever need.