Moving to LA has had quite the effect on Steven McBean (Black Mountain, Pink Mountaintops, Obliterations, etc.). With Black Mountain, he earned a reputation as one of the premier suppliers of psychedelic rock and doom metal to the underground. While Pink Moutaintops had always been a quainter, quieter outlet. Pink Mountaintops are quiet no more.

Both “North Holloywood Microwave”, the first track premiered from the forthcoming album, Get Back (4.29 Jagjaguwar) and today’s premier, “Ambulance History,” don’t just hint at a rowdier direction for the band, they scream it. Even more promising is the fact these two tracks go about the business of loud in two distinct ways. The gutter rock of “North Hollywood Microwave,” is dirty as Sunset Strip can get. “Ambulance City,” meanwhile, mashes propulsive krautrock with vintage garage, for shinier, but no less intense, look into LA. Yes, L.A. is suiting McBean quite well, thank you.