Lamont “Bim” Thomas may have left the home studio behind for his newest record, Louder Space, but that doesn’t mean his punk-rock wrecking crew, Obnox, have changed their ways. “Bitch! Get Money!” is just the latest example of why Obnox is among the best Cleveland Rock has got to offer. Once content to shred, Obnox songs have grown to encompass elements of blues, soul, R&B and hip-hop, and more impressively, they’ve retained all of that hardcore energy. To put it another way, “Bitch! Get Money!” is not a slow jam. It’s a jam in the “Kick out the jams, motherfukers!” tradition.

Obnox’s Louder Space will be released March 25th on 12XU Reocrds. The home town release show will be April 11th at Now That’s Class. Keep scrolling for more streaming tracks from the album.

Playlist photo by Marty O’Connor