From their outsanding debut album and their scorching live show, I knew the UK post-punk band, Savages, had loads of determination and I knew they were capable of a nasty racket. What I didn’t foresee from Savages was epic. “Fuckers” is epic, nearly ten-minutes of stream-of-conscious-like railing against the man set to crackling guitars. Fuckers, is also strangely uplifting.

In a piece penned for Huffington Post, lead-vocalist, Jennie Beth describes how the focused, but unspecific anger of “Fuckers” became a rallying cry for both fans and the band:

In every city we played, “Fuckers” was taking new shapes and forms in the collective unconsciousness of the crowd. All I had to do is play with that, invent new ghosts, exorcise the spirits of those “who are sustained by your misfortunes” — as Leonard Cohen puts it so beautifully in his Book of Longing. “Fuckers” is a song to feel intimately connected with every individual in the room, a communion song.

Amen. Savages’ Fuckers EP is out now on Matador Records. Photo by Iñigo de Amescua