Japanese rock monsters, Boris, are done fucking around, okay.

I could go through their discography from the past five years piece by piece and point out every moment they failed to live up to their own lofty expectations set by classic thrashers Amplifier Worship (1998), Akuma No Uta (2003), Pink (2005) and Smile (2008), but what’s the point? It’s not like you need another listen to that misconceived album they did with Ian Astbury of the Cult to tell you they weren’t operating at peak metal performance. Your own ears are the only judge you need.

This, “Vanilla” video, on the other hand, is what makes a grown man log into eBay and go LP hunting when he’s already behind on his rent. This is Boris at their best — Speedy and showy classic metal with a knob-twiddler’s ear for experimentation and a stoner’s love of low-end rumble. It’s dark, all kinds of heavy, and totally fuckin’ nuts. Boris’ new album, Noise, will be out June 17th on Sargent House Records.