At their best, indie rock lifers, Spoon, make both the simple and the exquisite sound equally intuitive. And make no mistake about it, their new track, “Do You,” is Spoon at its best. After a brief bossa nova intro, the rhythm section gets active, and vocalist Britt Daniel gets all sly. In the Spoon way, both the vocal melody and the instruments keep things simple. Yet, here, familiarity isn’t a fault. Instead, it’s a signal to pay closer attention. Again, like Spoon’s best, the fringes of the mix are the most playful. That’s where you’ll find echoes of Jamaican dub and assorted studio trickery while bass, guitar and drums all studiously go about their business. Guitar pop doesn’t get better than this. Look for Spoon’s new album, They Want My Soul, to be released August 5th on Loma Vista. Pre-order details, with indie shop bonuses, are available here.