Just the other day I was listening to some Mark Lanegan, ok, just about every day I listen to some Mark Lanegan, but on this day I was listening to his 2004 LP Bubblegum and thinking to myself, “Wouldn’t it be nice if Lanegan released another rocker.”

While, “Sad Lover,” from the forthcoming EP No Bells on Sunday, may not be a nasty, blues-banger in the vein of the Bubblegum highlight, “Methamphetamine Blues,” it does pick up the pace considerably from his last two releases — The covers record, Imitations, and the folk-focused retrospective, Has God Seen My Shadow. With its motorik beats and nervy electronics it manages to deliver a punch similar to aforementioned “Methamphetamine Blues” without treading the well-worn trails of Lanegan’s previous work in grunge, rock, and folk. Consider me stoked. In addition to the EP, expect an LP, Phantom Radio, to also be released this Fall.