With the likes of White Lung, Perfect Pussy, and Priests all making noise in the underground, 2014 is likely to go down as the year women returned to rock. Let’s add Australia’s Miss Destiny to that list. With a snarl similar to Courtney Love, and a sense of melody recalling the pitch perfect, power-pop of The Muffs, this debut 7″ on Hozac Records doesn’t break new ground, as much as it reminds us what we’re missing when the rock club is men only.



Terry Malts’ “Let You In” isn’t necessarily a return to form single for Slumberland Records — the Bay-Area three-piece has but one form, and that’s buzzsaw pop. But there’s a simplicity and naivety here, the way “Let You In” can be simply reduced to Joey Ramone and the Jesus and Mary Chain, that hearkens back to the band’s initial offerings for the label.



One band (Girl Names) and one song (“De Bom Bom”) once again proves why the Pixies reunion album was such trash.



Cleveland ex-pat, Gabe Fulvimar found a new lease on life when we went West Coast and began making synth pop under the name Gap Dream. “Strong Love” from his soon-to-be-released split 7″ with Part Time, shows why this decision has been beneficial to those he left behind, too. The smoothness by which he operates hides the increasing complexity of his compositions, while his everyman vocals lends a realness to a style which can easily slip into mockery.



The guitar here is amazing, but not in the way you expect J Mascis guitar work to be amazing. Like much of his recent solo output, the Dinosaur, Jr frontman’s “Wide Awake” from the forthcoming Tied To A Star (8.29 on Sub Pop) is largely a downcast, acoustic affair. Yet, listen to how fast he moves those fingers. If this was some new kid on the block and not an alt-rock survivor, I’d swear software was behind that impressive picking.



Like fellow New Yorkers, The Men, the dudes in Nude Beach have this way of making every slab of ’70s corner bar rock they release sound like the most memorable night of your young, longhaired life. “I Can’t Keep the Tears From Falling” is no exception.