While not quite the epic noise Cleveland art-rock duo, mr. Gnome are known for, new single “Rise and Shine,” from the band’s forthcoming album Heart of a Dark Star (11.18 on El Marko), isn’t your standard garage rock stomper, either. By taking what they do best, i.e., rousing up a righteous wall of sound, and applying that knowledge to a down home melody, they’ve provided a convenient entry point for those who’ve slept on their career output to date.


Who doesn’t like a good, Jack White guitar lead? Singer/guitarist Nicole Barille does her best. And who amongst us doesn’t like a little weird? As Barille’s vocals vacillate between playful and pointed, the track picks up steam, a whole hella lotta of steam. This track has got thrash. This track has got class. And if you’re not careful, it’ll get bashed straight into your cranium. It’s catchy like that.The band will be Cleveland for a hometown show on 12.20 at the Beachland Ballroom.