Any Cleveland rocker worth their salt knows about the town’s importance in the birth of American punk rock. Names like Pere Ubu, Rocket From the Tombs, and The Dead Boys are passed down from generation to generation with the type of reverence conservative politicians pay to our nation’s founding fathers. Dig deeper, and you’ll quickly find there’s more to Cleveland’s punk legacy than the big three. electric eels, Mirrors, and The Pagans should all be required listening, too.

Never heard of The Pagans you say? C’mon. What’s This Shit Called Love? Street Where Nobody Lives. Not Now No Way. These tracks would all part of the universal punk canon if The Pagans were from New York, not Cleveland, and they didn’t do that thing Cleveland bands did (and still do) where they mangled their shot at the big time.

Consequently, when a new jam hits the internet and it’s Mike Hudson and The Pagans (basically Mike Hudson of the Pagans with a bunch of LA rock ‘n’ roll lifers) we still give it respect. This is our heritage, our dirty, scum-ridden story told in an unpretentious bar rock style. Mike Hudson and The Pagans’ Hollywood High will be released November 4th on Ruin Discos.