Sleater-Kinney Band Photo

Are you stoked for this new Sleater-Kinney record yet? Well, if “Bury Your Friends,” didn’t do it for you, then, “Surface Envy,” the ladies latest preview track from No Cities to Love (1.20 on Sub Pop) ought to do it.

Go through the band’s revered discography and ask yourself when was the last time they sounded so soulful, so rambunctious and noisy, so right now? I’m not sure I would have ever described Sleater-Kinney as soulful, but from the vocals to the relentless beat, this one aims to wreck the room. And the guitars! The way Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker nasty things up with ear gouging squawks merely adds to the track’s combustible nature. Play it loud and get ready to play it again. Worry about the mess later.