There are times when it seems the pop kids and the dance kids have all the fun. Days, nay, weeks can go by without anything that perks up my ears. Then there are days like today, where it seems every ace rock band in the nation is pushing a new track.

The Black Angels have this new one, “Molly Moves My Generation,” from soon-to-be-released 10″ split single on Fuzz Club and its easily the deepest, darkest track this Austin psych bunch have put out in years. And just when you think these vets are content to ride out on a drone, they go full thrash mode. More of this, please.



Not to be outdone, Mass rockers, California X have offered up a second slab from Nights in the Dark, their upcoming sophomore release on Don Giovannai (1.13). “Red Planet” continues to see the band combine their love of hard-driving motorcycle rock with the ’90s sludge and fuzz and the forefathers and fist-pumping hooks. I’m stoked.



Also coming up on Don Giovanni is the newest from the label’s flagship band, Screaming Feamles. Their sixth full length, Rose Mountain, will be out on 2.24. If the rest of the licks taste nearly as sweet as the ones found on “Empty Head,” we’re in for another treat from one of rock’s most unheralded shredders.



Lastly, I’ll leave you with “Animal,” the latest from Moon Duo. Even a cursory listen reveals significant for the West Coast psychedelic trio. Yes, they’re a trio now, with the addition of drummer John Jefferey. Yet, that’s not the only surprise founding members Ripley Johnson (Wooden Shjips) and Sanae Yamada have in store for you on “Animal.” It has a distinct Suicide vibe to it. Not the spacey Suicide, either, but the angry, electronics on the brink, minds fried version of Suicide. Darkness suits Moon Duo very well, thank you. Look for their new album, titled Shadow of the Sun, to be out March 3rd on Sacred Bones Records.