Top jams need no rationale. Top jams are self evident, like our inalienable freedoms. Every once in a while, we need a reminder how precious these things can be. That’s it.

Hell, I shouldn’t even need links and embeds. You should take one look at this list and exclaim, “Hot Damn! Those are some top jams!” And, for one moment, you and I will bond in all that was righteous in rock in 2014. Obnox, had the most righteous 2014, indeed.

For those who do need a reminder, however, each link takes you back to the original review and at the bottom of the page, you’ll find a sampling of the year’s top tracks. Enjoy your jams.

Top Jam 2014: The Year’s 20 Top Albums

1. Obnox – Louder Space
2. Nothing – Guilty of Everything
3. Protomartyr – Under the Color of Official Right
4. Spoon – They Want My Soul
5. Herzog – Boys
6. Gotobeds – Poor People Are Revolting
7. Fat White Family – Champagne Holocaust
8. Total Control – Typical System
9. Blank Realm – Grassed Inn
10. Angel Olsen – Burn Your Fire for No Witness

11. Ruined Fortune – S/T
12. Parquet Courts – Sunbathing Animal
13. New Pornographers – Brill Bruisers
14. Lower Plenty – Life/Thrills
15. Yes I’m Leaving – Slow Release
16. Beck – Morning Phase
17. Goat – Commune
18. Thurston Moore – The Best Day
19. The Horrors – Luminous
20. Guided by Voices – Motivational Jumpsuit

Top Jam 2014: The Playlist