“Flatiron” is the first new track by Aussie punk legends, feedtime, in some 20 years, and whether you first got into ’em by the recent Sub Pop box set, or were hip to the band back in the day on the good word of Mudhoney’s Mark Arm, you will want to crank this monster jam. It’s all gruff and guitar, broken bones and broken homes. Gutter punk is rarely this exuberant.

Just some shitty beats and shredding, here on Axis: Sova’s “Fractal Ancestry.” The shitty beats, even though they sound like some asshole made them on a Casio keyboard in 1983 aren’t a problem. Really, even though I keep calling them shitty beats, they don’t matter because the shredding is like some eyes-in-the-back-of-their-sockets, possessed by the full power of The Illumianati shredding.

In a different context, in a different era, the repetitive groove heard on Moon Duo’s “Slow Down Low,” was the bridge on radio friendly schlock rock dumped on poor listeners by the likes of Night Ranger or REO Speedwagon. That’s not our context. The West-Coast psych rockers, Moon Duo, cake those motorin’ guitars and keys in reverb and lock on them like some old-school, masterclass dj blowing your mind with dollar-bin trash.