METZ Band Photo

If you’re at all familiar with the Toronto trio, Metz’s debut, then you should have a good handle on what to expect when you click on that new track, “Acetate,” below, from the band’s new Sub Pop release, II, due out on May 5th, but, sweet baby Jesus, does this jam rip. It’s like everyone in the band changed their name to Ripper and took their new names to heart by ripping up everything in sight: the joint; guitar, bass, and drums, punk; noise and post-hardcore. The pummel is more pummeling. The drive is, um, more driving. Think about it: Metz and Lightning Bolt in the CLE at the Beachland on April 17th? For one night only, Cleveland is going to be rip city, and I for one, cannot wait. Photo by Elinor Jones