With very few of the limited edition goods interesting me this Record Store Day outside of The Replacements reissue and the Mclusky reissue, I was free to spread the Record Store Day cheer in another way: By doing a two-and-a-half hour DJ set at the Beachland before a free show featuring Why Isn’t Cheap Trick in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Teenage Fanclub Fanclub. These cover bands were more fun than they had any right being. Maybe it was the beer — The sun and the unseasonably warm temps in Cleveland made for great day drinking. Or maybe, it was the music — There is a timeless quality to those old Cheap Trick tunes, whether performed by the real deal or a bunch of dudes from Columbus, and since Teenage Fanclub hasn’t been to Cleveland in years, Teenage Fanclub Fanclub is as close to the real deal we can get. I’d like to think my jams played a part in this perfect day, too. I saw you over there, bopping to the beat of Run DMC, and I saw you sneak up to the dj booth to confirm, yes, that was The Lemonheads singing “Luka.” Strange enough, Jann Wenner was not in attendance.

1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – All Tomorrow’s Parties
2. The Constantines – Nighttime/Anytime It’s Alright
3. Obnox – Ohio
4. Public Enemy – 911 Is a Joke
5. Thee Oh Sees – Chem-Farmer
6. Electric Eels – Jaguar Ride
7. The Replacements – Route 66
8. The New Sonic Sound – Louie Louie
9. The Headcoatees – Ca Plane Pour Moi
10. Fugazi – Great Cop

11. Sleater-Kinney – I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone
12. The Gotobeds – Wimpy Garcia
13. Beech Creeps – Times Be Short
14. The Men – Bastille
15. Tar – Non-Alignment Pact
16. Helmet – Meantime
17. Follokzoid – Electric
18. His Electro Blue Voice – Born Tired
19. The Clash – This is Radio Clash
20. Run DMC – It’s Tricky

21. Black Angles – Black Grease
22. PJ Harvey – Meet Ze Monstra
23. Sugar – A Good Idea
24. Supergrass – Caught by the Fuzz
25. Cast – Alright
26. Blondie – Hanging on the Telephone
27. The Replacements – Another Girl, Another Planet
28. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – Don’t Know What You’ve Got
29. Mudhoney – Ghost
30. The Mice – Little Race

31. The Faces – Ooh La La
32. Jellyfish – Baby’s Coming Back
33. The Pretenders – Back on the Chain Gang
34. Lemonheads – Luka
35. Heartbreakers- Chinese Rock
36. Prisonshake – 2 Sisters
37. Stooges – No Fun