So, hey, this new Libertines album is actually happening. The lads stayed sober enough to write, record, and even shoot a promotional clip for the first single, “Gunga Din.”

This is all good, promising stuff, and even more promising when you click play below.

“Gunga Din,” begins with a bottomed out shuffle of second-wave ska, recalling The Specials’ “Ghost Town,” more in spiritual manner than in a literal, note for note way. But instead of sulking about the streets, struggling to stay on their feet, as Libertines are wont to do, Pete Doherty and the boys perk up, rip shit up and turn this downer into a boisterous pub anthem.

Before hearing “Gunga Din,” my only hope for The Libertines’ Anthems for Doomed Youth (out 9.4 on Harvest Records) was that it would be better than the new Blur album. Now, there’s optimism, cautious optimism considering the messy history of The Libertines, but optimism, nonetheless.