Got a few extra minutes? Check this new jam by Detroit post-punk survivors/saviors, Protomartyr. It’s as intelligent and as fierce as anything the quartet has released to date, punctuated with a dancefloor-ready beat and guitars like shrapnel.

Got a few minutes more? Read an in-depth interview over at Stereogum. It’s filled with choice quotes, like this one from lyricist/vocalist, Joe Casey, on the subject matter of their forthcoming album, The Agent Intellect (10/9 on Hardly Art):

it’s all over the map: evil, false pride, lawyer billboards, dust, Matt Ziolkowski, Detroit, mountains, money, Alzheimer’s, death, laughs, eyes, internet bullshit, whatever psychological affliction people have that leads one to act like Samson and pull the walls down on themselves, hatred of babies, drinking, old folks trying to be young, the loss of self, etc. We chucked all that under the title “The Agent Intellect” and hope people get us out of debt by buying it.

Yes, this new Protomartyr album is one to keep on your radar, and by radar, I mean having the date 10.09 tattooed on your right arm.