Not to be confused with The Ty Segall Band, Fuzz is that other band from the prolific, left-coast garage rocker, Ty Segall. And like Fuzz’s 2013 release, “Rat Race” and “Pollinate” from Fuzz’s forthcoming, In the Red Records release on 10.23, both feature that smoked out, heavy duty blues sound your longhaired uncle dropped out to in 1973.


Philladelphia weirdo-blues hero, Kurt Vile, has a different definition of pimpin’ than most of us have. Vile’s pimpin’ does not include fancy clothes, an open bar, and pretty people poolside. It doesn’t have bass that wakes the neighbors. Vile’s pimp style is much more laid back than that — a circular guitar melody and a stomped out rhythm guide Vile’s carefree drawl. Kurt Vile’s latest album, b’lieve I’m goin’ down will be released 9.25 on Matador Records.


Even with all of the millions of dollars spent by tech companies across the globe on music discovery, old-fashioned, word-of-mouth recommendations can still propel bands in the underground. Case in point, Cleveland’s upstart, garage rock duo, Archie and The Bunkers. For the past year, those in the know have been prodding 216 scenesters to see this band. You have to see this band. Brothers Emmett (drums/vocals) and Cullen O’Connor (keys/vocals) aren’t old enough to drive their own tour van, and still, own the rawest rock sound in town. Imagine how a young Jack White howled in the White Stripes. Go even further back to the ’70s punk rock explosion when loud and fast became a way of life. These brothers earned their reputation and that word of mouth spread all the way to England, where Dirty Water records will be releasing their new LP.