The Rockometer Says... "This is a Record"




Destruction Unit
Negative Feedback Resistor
Sacred Bones

All this noise for what? Oh, Destruction Unit live up to their name on Negative Feedback Resistor. Their sound is that of a tornado ripping apart a trailer park — the kitchen sink rattling its contents of crusted pots and pans, vinyl siding smashing against once immovable oaks, cars piled upon cars. No one does destruction with guitar better than these dudes. Everything they touch rips with the ferocity of west coast hardcore and east coast noise addicts.

What Destruction Unit haven’t figured out to do over the course of their career is write one memorable song. Ask me which Destruction Unit track you should check out, and the answer would be, “Oh, just pick one.” They all have the same sound. If a track you like, then pick out a record. They all sound the same.

Maybe try not to destroy everything on every song? Maybe try to write a memorable chorus? Destruction Unit need to do something to prove they’re more than a band of dudes with weed, free time, and gnarly effects pedals.