If Sleater-Kinney were the female Fugazi and Summer Canniabls are the new Sleater-Kinney, that would make Summer Canniabls the new female Fugazi with one dude? I don’t know man, but what I do know, is that there isn’t enough metal in punk today, not enough musicians ready to plug in and aim for the arena rafters.

Or, Sleater-Kinney could have been the new Bikini Kill, if it was possible to have more than one Bikini Kill. There is only one Bikini Kill and only one OG RIOT GIRL, Kathleen Hanna, and that OG RIOT GIRL has found a new life with her band, The Julie Ruin. “I Decide,” the first track from the band’s forthcoming, sophomore release for Hardly Art Records, has that perfect balance between hummable pop and gnashing noise that defined the ’90s and still sounds relevatory today.

Fucking democracy, man. If I see Donald Trump on the tv one more time, I swear I’m gonna reach through the set and punch that buffoon straight in the brain. It’s 2016. It’s possible. There may even be an app for punching that buffoon, Trump, straight in the brain.

2016 being an election year also means we get punk rockers, like the OBN IIIs, using their negative energy in more productive ways, like shredding on our eminent collapse. “On the Verge of Collapse,” is the B-side of their new single on 12XU. How’s that for shredding?

Toronto noisemakers, Metz, recently teamed up with John Reis of Drive Like Jehu/Rocket From the Crypt/Hot Snakes, for a Record Store Day 7″, and to quote the press release, recorded a song (whose sound), “is reminiscent of an army of sea gulls inside a burning Benihana of Tokyo.” I could try to write a better description. I can’t.

God bless the weirdos of GOAT. Maybe not your god, but some god better bless GOAT, god damnit. Even when they’re in space station, house band mode, think Star Wars cantina scene, as they are in their new single, “I Sing in Silence,” they sound like the only modern psych band that matters, to your god, my god, space gods, and all the gods.