So, a guy at Stereogum knows a guy who thinks Pittsburgh’s Gotobeds are the best of the bunch in underground rock today. I don’t know either guy, but I concur. Get yourself a copy of the Gotobeds should-be masterpiece, Poor People Are Revolting on 12XU, and join the chosen few who are beyond stoked for their upcoming Sub Pop debut.

There’s plenty of guitar rock out there, or so I’m told, and yet struggle to find new jams. But precious few bands have the smarts (both musically and lyrically) of the Gotobeds. Fewer still have the sharp, smart-ass humor (Who doesn’t love puns and double entendres?) And, even fewer still, who are smart enough to not take themselves too seriously even when they are keenly aware they have the best Pavement/Television/beer-inspired band in all the lands. Parquet Courts have already been warned. Now, you’ve been warned, too.

This is not Culture Club. This does not sound like Culture Club. And although, I do dig the Culture Club inspired artwork of Melbourne post-punk band, Terry, that’s not why you should click it below. You should click it because Terry features musicians from other Melbourne rock acts you already enjoy (Total Control, UV Race, Dick Diver) and they do that punk thing they do in Melbourne where they play post-punk like punk rockers or is it vice versa, playing punk rock like a post-punk band and ’78 to ’80 never happened. For just when you think Terry have locked themselves into a groove on “Don’t Say Sorry,” they bullocks things up in the most beautiful way possible. Beautiful being all messy and noisy, of course.

I know shit about Baby in Vain and I’d like to keep it that way. I want to think Baby in Vain found me, instead of “The Urge” appearing in my Soundcloud stream one day and then being the only track that survived the 15-second audition period of my busy life of work, bicycle rides and FIFA video games. What I do know about Baby in Vain is this jam, “The Urge,” is a bit like Fleetwood Mac remixed by Suicide, which when you think about it, would have been really sick back in the day.

Ready for some more nasty from Australia? Good, cause Spray Paint somehow make the nastier bits of bands like Sonic Youth even more nasty. Think “100%” without the bass, the hooks and without the hip skateboard video.

There’s nothing wrong with Courtney Love’s music. I should be able to say Vancouver shredder’s White Lung are having their Courtney Love moment on their new video, “Below.” The problem with making a Courtney Love and Hole comparison is that you get all the baggage of the public Courtney Love, the tabloid queen who was a tabloid queen before being a tabloid queen was a net positive for a famous person. There are people today whose only claim to fame is being a tabloid queen. Love, at least, wrote some solid pop hooks and presented them in such a way that she still sounded dangerous. That’s what I’m getting at here. White Lung have a rare gift whereby they can go pop and not sound like they’re shilling for a major label. They’re sensitive shredders.