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The Rockometer: Boys by Herzog

      Herzog Boys Exit Stencil Recordings When I listen to Boys, the third album by Cleveland Rock 'N' Roll underdogs, Herzog, I can't help but think back to their first show nearly four years ago. They were the first on the three-band bill at the Grog Shop. Critically acclaimed folk artist, Matthew Houck, and Phosphorescent were the headliners. There was another Cleveland band, Lowly, the Tree Ghost,...READ MORE
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Stream Boys: An Instant Classic by Cleveland Rockers Herzog

Ahead of the May 20th release date, Exit Stencil Records has released a full-album stream of Boys, the new album by Cleveland rock heroes, Herzog. And, after your first listen, you'll quickly understand why those like myself are calling this one an instant Cleveland classic: The hooks, the guitars, the no attitude attitude, it all comes together perfectly on Boys. READ MORE
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A Jam Packed Wednesday with Herzog, Bob Mould, Zig Zags, and Shabazz Palaces

The buzzsaw pop of Herzog has long been a favorite of locals in the Cleveland rock scene, and now, it seems as if others are beginning to notice. This Brooklyn Vegan piece is but the latest shout out: Indie rock, in the trad '90s sense, has probably been fully explored by this point but something about it never puts it completely out of style. Sometimes a band comes along that does it so well, with great songs and enthusiasm, it...READ MORE

Play Me: “Mad Men” by Herzog

Upon reading this morning's Best New Music Review on Pitchfork for the Cloud Nothings' new LP, Here And Nowhere Else, I couldn't help but quip on social media sites, "Cleveland is the new Brooklyn. You see, last week, Cleveland's one-man punk rock destroyer, Lamont "Bim" Thomas, got a similarly glowing review for his new Obnox album, Louder Space. Then, on Friday, a new track by one of Cleveland's best kept secrets, Herzog,...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Cartoon Violence by Herzog

Herzog Cartoon Violence Exit Stencil Too often when talent is used to describe an indie rock band there's a catch.  As in, they're a talented band, but they're too cute and too obtuse for their own good.  Or, they're a talented band with a disdain of conformity and a similar disdain of melody.  Or, they're a talented band, why the fuck can't they write one damn song I can hang my hat on. Cleveland's Herzog are a talented b...READ MORE

“Fuck This Year” by Herzog

Seeking to prove they're more than another band of '90s revivalists raised on slacker rock, Cleveland's Herzog have prepped a sophomore album that's bigger, brawnier, and brainier than their well-received 2009 debut, Search.  Part of the genesis can be traced to the fact that more than ever, Herzog are a band and not just a vehicle for songwriter Tony Vorrell and lead singer/guitarist Nick Tolar.  The rhythm section of Brian Hi...READ MORE

No Age, Lucky Dragons, Herzog @ Grog Shop. 11.20.10

When you visit the bio of LA noise punk band, No Age, you'll find they're still just the duo of guitarist Randy Randall and drummer/vocalist Dean Spunt.  Listen to one of their records (2007's Weirdo Rippers, 2008's N0uns, or 2010's Everything in Between) and you'll soon realize their sound, a mix of swirling sound collages, '80s NYC art rock, and skate punk, is much bigger then any two men can handle on stage -- All the gear in the...READ MORE

The Rockometer: Search by Herzog

Herzog Search Transparent In an interview with John Benson for, Herzog's Nick Tolar plainly described the new album by his band, Herzog, as "Just rock."  Others, seem to like the label slacker rock.  And, Tolar's cool with that, too.  To hear him recount the band's genesis, Herzog came about because he wanted to write and record the type of guitar rock album he had wanted to make for the better part of a decade....READ MORE

“Living Alone” by Herzog

Without giving away too much of what I have to say about Herzog's debut LP, Search (There is a record review on the way), I can tell you that this one is going to be big in Cleveland.  Hell, it may even be big in New York, Chicago, and LA.  This isn't a stretch.  Herzog already has influential fans in the UK, and the nature of modern music press, where no one wants to be left behind when there's a next big thing to find, means mor...READ MORE

“Paul Blart and the Death of Art” by Herzog

For those familiar with the output of Cleveland musician, Nick Tolar, in Expecting Rain, the work of his new band Herzog,  may arrive as a bit of a surprise.  Gone are the easy-rocking sounds of West Coast psychedelic pop and those carefully constructed arrangements.  Gone are the wistful memories and the never ending daydreams.  In their place are guitars, lots and lots of guitars, loud fuzzy, buzzing guitars screeching like...READ MORE