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In Praise of Lou Reed’s Artistry (And His Dickishness)

The brilliance of Lou Reed was one was never quite sure whether he was being sincere or being a troll. He was both an urban poet without peer, a man who brought uncensored realism to records, and an unreliable narrator, in the literary sense, one whose words and music were always open to a world of possibilities. Reed was sincere with the Velvet Underground, and no one "got" them when they were active. All of the praise came a...READ MORE

A Pandora’s Box of Disinformation: How You’re Being Led and Lied To in the Debate Over Internet Streaming Royalties

My song got played 1,000,000 times on Pandora and all I got was $17 sure makes a good headline. Spin ran with David Lowery's extraordinary tale of meager payments for the song "Low" recorded by his band Cracker and did little more than repeat Lowery's original claims. But did Lowery get shafted so painfully? The short answer is no. In a well-reasoned retort, Michael Degusta of The Understatement used numbers and math do expo...READ MORE

Punk Rock is Bullshit, So Says Some Guy Named John Roderick

Because I'm a modern man, and the modern man only reads articles on the internet which reinforce his narrow ways of thinking, I've been able to avoid John Roderick's Seattle Weekly piece, Punk Rock is Bullshit, for the better part of a week. Yesterday, I succumbed and clicked to see what the scuttlebutt was all about. And, oh, boy, do we have ourselves one bitter man and a great white whale of click bait cloaked in half-baked argumen...READ MORE

Hey You! Music Journalist: Here Are 10 Questions to Ask Iceage During Your Interview Session. They’re Free to Use, Really

Interviews are hard. First you have to come up with questions, ones no other journalist has asked before. This means research and research can take up a lot of time. Then, you get to conduct the interview, either via email or over phone. In person interviews don't happen these days unless you're Rolling Stone or the New York Times. Now, let's say you have your interview questions and you have your interview time, you still hav...READ MORE

Ridiculous, Your Name is Beck and a 167-Piece Orchestra Shilling for Lincoln

Last night, upon seeing Beck's new car commercial composition, a cover of David Bowie's "Sound and Vision," for a new Lincoln campaign, I could think of only one word, ridiculous. So, I took to facebook and typed, "One word: Beck's cover of Bowie's "Sound Vision" for Lincoln is ridiculous. The arrangement is over the top ridiculous and the amount of $$$ on this production is even more so." And, "Plus, let's thank about this for a...READ MORE

Know Your Enemy: Fleetwood Mac, Hall and Oates, Spandau Ballet and Those Who Blindly Follow Are Doomed to a Life of Gentle Bands

Earlier today, The Daily Swarm pulled out this quote by James Lachno of the Daily Telegraph about his unashamed love of Fleetwood Mac. Apparently, it's a generational thing and a Millennial thing: Where a decade or so ago the success of New Yorkers The Strokes and British quartet The Libertines led young music fans to devour the visceral debuts released during 1977’s punk explosion – from Television to The Clash – the resurgen...READ MORE

Thinking Aloud About Think Pieces About the 2013 Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame Induction Class

The Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame voters have spoken and the 2013 inductees will be Heart, Albert King, Randy Newman, Public Enemy, Rush, and Donna Summer. And joining those artists in the non-performer category will be Lou Adler and Quincy Jones. I know there's a click-bating think piece in here somewhere. What if I were to write about there not enough women in the Rock Hall? No, Donna Summer and Heart are both included on this year...READ MORE

A Statement of Purpose and 25 (Mostly) Rock Records You Need to Hear from 2012

I am Dave Grohl. I am Jack White. Prod me, pour a few beers in me and I'll tell you the problem with pop and the problem with electronic music with even less grace than either of these men. Garage rock is better. Pop music does lack substance. I'll make popists' fingers fly and cry foul as they label me rockist, sexist and racist in 140 characters or less. None, of the accusations would be true, except, maybe the rockist one. Poli...READ MORE

Is It Possible to Measure Greatness Through a Reunion Show? I Sure Hope So

Thursday night, I had shown up to the Dinosaur, Jr show at the Beachland Ballrom on Cleveland's east side, some two-and-a-half hours before J Mascis, Lou Barlow, and Murph would even think of taking the stage. Facebook said the show would be close to a sell-out.  I didn't want to miss out. I strode to Music Saves, my favorite record store on the street and ran into a friend of mine, Tim, who was also unnecessarily prompt. After a...READ MORE

About Pitchfork’s People’s List

When Pitchfork first announced their plans to poll their readership to gauge the top albums of the past 15 years, my reaction was something along the lines of, "Ooh, this can be fun!"  Like everyone else of the internet age, I like lists. Having a chance to read over the results, I now feel foolish for that initial rush of excitement.  Lists are still fun, of course, but why would Pitchfork's People's List would be any different...READ MORE